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제목 : Yi Ring Gong Jeo Ring Gong
분류 : 혼성4부, 무반주, 한국 전통적 소재, 아마츄어/프로
성부상세내용 : SSAATTBB
작곡가 : 안효영 Ahn, Hyo Young
작곡연도: 2011
작품해설 이 작품은 연주료가 추가로 포함되는 작품입니다. 작품해설의 하단에 쓰인 연주료에 관한 안내를 참조해주십시오.
악보구매와 연주에 관한 문의는 emusicbiz@naver.com 또는 composerahn@naver.com (작곡가 안효영 이메일)으로 연락하여 주십시오.
For information on this work, please contact composerahn@naver.com (composer Ahn Hyo-young's email address) or emusicbiz@naver.com.

The lyrics are taken from one of the most outstanding Goryeo songs.
Goryeo song is a poem of the Goryeo Dynasty and refers to a song that was widely distributed to the people during that period.
The full text is long, but this is an excerpt of some of the lyrics, and here's the interpretation of the lyrics.
"I managed to spend the day, but it's hard to be alone at night when no one comes."'
The composer used phrases from traditional Korean instruments such as Daegeum and Gayageum as the lyrics of the first and second half
This effectively creates a calm atmosphere that only Korean traditional music can feel.

​Playing techniques:
1. Among the oral sounds, 'dang' sounds at once and 'daang' sounds by pushing. In other words, after spitting out 'da', 'ang' is added to distinguish between 'dang' and 'daang'. The same goes for 'dung' and 'toong'.
2. All decorations are played with a longer note by pressing it with tenuuto.
3. In Korean music, vibrato means nonghyun. Nonghyun comes out a lot in slow songs like Jinyangjo, so you can play it without any special restrictions.
​-composer, Hyo Young Ahn-

[연주료 안내]
1. 구립 단체: 악보비(총 인원)+연주료(8만원), 재연주시 연주료의 30%
2. 아마추어 단체: 악보비(총 인원)+연주료(5만원), 재연주시 연주료의 30%
3. 이외에 문의가 있는 단체는 이메일로 문의해주십시요 emusicbiz@naver.com
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